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Reviewer 2
1 Against Resilience
Scott Gabriel Knowles and José Torero
Stephen Healy Ashley Carse
2 Socio-Technical Resilience – from Panarchy to Boundary Object: the Journey so far….
Stephen Healy
Katrina Petersen Charlotte Cabasse
3 Reflexive Resilience: Probing the socio-technicality of disaster management
Katrina Petersen and Monika Buscher
Makoto Takahashi Kurniawan Adi Saputro
4 Extreme Weather Disasters: Developing an Ethic of Resilience in the National Weather Service
Jennifer Henderson
Kurniawan Adi Saputro Shin-etsu Sugawara
5 Resilience and the Media: Information Gap in the 3.11 Disaster News Reports
Ryuma Shineha and Mikihito Tanaka
Diganta Das Chihyung Jeon
6 Post-Fukushima Controversy on “SPEEDI” System: Contested Imaginary of Real-time Simulation Technology for Emergency Radiation Protection
Shin-etsu Sugawara and Kohta Juraku
Scott Gabriel Knowles Katrina Petersen
7 How Not to Learn from Disasters: Disaster Reports and Sociotechnical Resilience in South Korea
Chihyung Jeon, Hyungsub Choi and Sungeun Kim
Shin-etsu Sugawara Kohta Juraku
8 An Audience Perspective on Disaster Response
Kurniawan Adi Saputro
Charlotte Cabasse Justyna Tasic
9 Resisting the present, reclaiming the past and reshaping the future: Can data science help Polynesian Islands become more resilient to climate change adverse effects?
Charlotte Cabasse
Kohta Juraku Sungeun Kim
10 Making sense of space: Practices of everyday resiliency in Hyderabad
Diganta Das
Anto Mohsin Stephen Healy
11 Drought in the Rainforest: Ships, Cities, and the Slow Disaster of Water Scarcity in Panama
Ashley Carse
Ryuma Shineha Chihyung Jeon
12 The Sidoarjo Mudflow:  The World’s Muddiest ‘Envirotechnical’ Disaster
Anto Mohsin
Hyungsub Choi Ashley Carse
13 Small businesses and their vulnerability to flooding: Some unique insights on measures of resilience
Bingunath Ingirige and Gayan Wedawatta
Scott Gabriel Knowles Diganta Das
14 Information infrastructure and resilience in American disaster plans
Megan Finn
Kim Fortun Jennifer Henderson
15 Emphasis on Human Positive Contributions to Safety
Makoto Takahashi and Masaharu Kitamura
Sulfikar Amir Hyungsub Choi
16 Mapping sociotechnical resilience of energy sector in Singapore: a preliminary representation
Vivek Kant and Justyna Tasic
Makoto Takahashi Anto Mohsin