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Displaying Mathematics in WordPress

While html caters for simple mathematical symbols like these ∇² = φ. It doesn’t make much sense to code ∇² to get ∇² ; nor to pre-type your mathematical symbols in a word doc or latex editor and convert to image or pdf. Not to mention, needing to deal with multiple line equations using HTML.

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What’s new in WordPress 3.8.1?

Our blogs@NTU platform has been updated to 3.8.1! This time, the updates are focused on refining the Admin panel a.k.a the Dashboard. Wondering what comes with the new updates? Clean and crisp (and also prettier!) new dashboard Featuring the all-time popular font...

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Tidying Up WordPress Edit Menu Page

Click on Appearance → Menu to go to Edit Menu page: You may view more options for the menu by clicking on 'Screen Options' tab on the top right corner of the page. It provides more control for item addition and removal.

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