Manufacturing and Repair Technologies (MRT)

The Manufacturing and Repair Technologies (MRT) programme of the Rolls-Royce@NTU Corporate Lab consists of four key technology workstreams: Advanced Mechanised Finishing, Media Finishing & Sub-Surface Process, Repair Technologies, and Measurement Technologies. The MRT programme is focused on developing new technologies leading to cost savings and productivity gains. The approach requires dexterity in exploiting applied science to its limit in order to create innovative solutions. This programme is composed of Rolls-Royce engineers; professors and students from the School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering; and a team of full-time research staff.

The programme consists of 11 distinct projects across the four workstreams. These projects will form the bedrock to bring about a significant change in surface modification and repair technologies with unerring precision capability.

  • Advanced Mechanised Finishing
    This workstreams aims to develop breakthrough technologies in robotic sensing and modeling for data-driven industrial applications.
  • Media Finishing & Sub-Surface Process
    In this workstream, new Non-destructive Evaluation (NDE) techniques for sub-surface processes will be developed. In addition, the projects will focus on the fundamentals in media finishing and deliver new innovations to the process.
  • Repair Technologies
    The objective of this workstream is to develop new capabilities, as well as improving existing repair processes such as Cold Spray and Heat Treatment techniques. Correlation to new manufacture is also anticipated in these projects.
  • Measurement Technologies
    This workstream will study existing commercial measurement capabilities and their limitations. Gaps between the technologies and required applications in Rolls-Royce will be addressed, and new measurement capabilities will be developed.

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