Congratulations to the 27th IMC 2020 winners!

by | Aug 25, 2020 | Events, Mathematics, Outreach, School of Physical and Mathematical Sciences

Group photo of NTU participants and their team leaders. From left to right : Loo Dong Lin, Tiang Bi Hong, Su Huangyuan, Dr Fedor Duzhin (team leader), Camille Mau (deputy leader), Lucas Lawrence, Do Xuan Long, Teo Hau Tian. Photo credit: Fedor Duzhin.

A team of students from the School of Physical and Mathematical Sciences (SPMS) has achieved an outstanding result in the International Mathematics Competition (IMC) 2020, earning 2 Silvers, 1 Bronze, and 2 Honourable Mentions.

Silver Award:

Do Xuan Long (Year 2, Mathematics), Teo Hau Tian (Year 3, Physics)

Bronze Award:

Su Huangyuan (Year 3, Mathematics)

Honourable Mention:

Loo Dong Lin (Year 3, Mathematics), Lucas Lawrence (Year 4, Mathematics)


Tiang Bi Hong (Year 3, Physics), Sheng Shunan (Year 4, Mathematics), Shi Luozi (Graduated)

The IMC is an annual event in which university students across various countries compete to solve mathematical problems. University College London hosted this year’s competition, which was held over two days, on 26 and 27 July 2020. During the competition, the students had to work under intense pressure to solve 4 challenging problems within a tight time limit. The problems were selected by an international committee, and the students’ solutions were assessed by Team Leaders and mathematics professors.

The SPMS team was led by Dr Fedor Duzhin, who has overseen the school’s participation in the IMC for many years. The Deputy Leader was Ms Camille Mau, an SPMS graduate who is currently pursuing her PhD.

“This was my first time participating, and I am very honoured,” said  Year 2 Mathematics student Do Xuan Long, one of the Silver Award winners. “I express my special thanks to our leader Dr. Fedor Duzhin and Camille for their academic help and support during the training and examining process, as well as to my loved ones.”

“The interesting questions, both in training camp and the actual contest, helped me to gain new insights in several mathematical topics,” said Year 3 Physics student Teo Hau Tian, who also won a Silver Award. “It was truly an honour to be an NTU team member at IMC.”

SPMS would like to congratulate all the winners of IMC 2020 for their wonderful accomplishments!

Winners of the Silver Awards for IMC 2020: Do Xuan Long (left) and Teo Hua Tian (right). Photo credit: M Fadly.

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