Building A Michelson Interferometer

Building A Michelson Interferometer

The Michelson interferometer is a device that uses optical intereference to measure extremely small distance variations. First invented in the late 19th century, it remains in active use today; in 2017,  the Nobel Prize in Physics was awarded to the LIGO experiment for using large-scale Michelson interferometers to detect gravitational waves. Recently, our team at SPMS set out to construct a Michelson interferometer for science education and outreach. Read more

Plot of experimental results

Physicists Create a Four Dimensional Synthetic Material

As we all know, space is three dimensional. Many aspects of physics, including the fundamental properties of matter, depend strongly on the dimensionality of space. For instance, 2D materials like graphene, in which the atoms are confined to a two dimensional plane, have properties very different from standard 3D materials. Now, researchers have created a synthetic material that behaves as though it has four dimensions (4D), higher than the number of dimensions in the space around us. Read more

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