– SEAcORE Bulletin — Nov 2015

Regional Offshore RE Efforts

After the agreement in Paris on addressing climate
changes issues from both developed and developing
countries, the Southeast Asian region countries have
announced and released their strategies and activities
to tackle energy security and environmental issues.
They also see this as opportunity to drive economic
growth and development in a more sustainable way.
Offshore energy is among the renewable energy
resources that the region is specifically looking at as a
promising alternative and stable energy resource.
This is evident from the different activities happening
in the region like offshore-related conferences,
regional meetings, and technological roadmap on
offshore renewables, etc.

Among the major offshore-related events in the region
is the annual Asia Clean Energy Summit (ACES) within
the Singapore International Energy Week (SIEW) which
happened last October 27 to 28, 2015. Minister S.
Iswaran opened the event by emphasizing the
importance of clean energy in addressing climate
change issues.
The Energy Research Institute @ Nanyang
Technological University (ERI@N) took part as the
technical team for the offshore renewable energy (RE)
track. This is the third year ERI@N has successfully
organized the offshore RE plenary and technical