Two Halls of Residence, Crescent Hall and Pioneer Hall came together for the common purpose of giving back to the community – GiveBack @ CresPion. The first big initiative, titled Inspiring Singapore’s Future, was aimed at inspiring the next generation of Singaporean children to maximise their own potential and see education as a pathway to a better life.

Held on 17 October 2016, 30 children ranging from 7 to 10-year olds, from Whispering Hearts Student Care Centre (WHSCC) were invited to NTU to spend the day with 14 other hall residents. Upon their arrival, the students were divided into three groups and each group rotated to take turns to explore the following three aspects of CresPion:

1) The Garage and Studio learning spaces, where residential mentors introduced the children to the activities and tools involved in each of the respective learning spaces.
2) The CresPion garden path, where the children were introduced to the different types of water bodies and vegetation, as well as their purposes and benefits to the environment.
3) The various rooms in CresPion which are meant for specific uses, such as reading room, canteen, music room, gym, and dance room.

After the tour, it was time for some fun and games. The children were re-divided into two groups. The first group proceeded to play recreational games which included popular games such as UNO cards, Monopoly, Scrabble, Blokus and Game of Life, while the second group were engaged in brain-stimulating tangram activities. A sumptuous meal ensued, and the final activity of the day involved the children taking pictures and decorating pieces of coloured papers with their thoughts on what they liked best about the event.

The event was a success in igniting the interest of the children in returning to NTU again, as gathered from the feedback provided by them as well as the indicative beams on their faces. Although the event lasted for only a day, the hall residents thoroughly enjoyed themselves and were glad they could contribute.

About Crescent Hall and Pioneer Hall

Crescent Hall and Pioneer Hall were established in 2014 and they are 17th and 18th Hall of Residence in NTU respectively, with eight blocks catering to a total of more than 1200 students. Besides being constructed with green technologies and eco-friendly design features, the two halls allow the University to pilot new pedagogical models which will integrate learning both within and outside the formal curriculum for its residents.

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