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In collaboration with Beyond Social Services, members from Human Resource Consulting Club (HRCC) organised a carnival on 8 December 2018 for its service users and their families – to create family bonding as most of the youth-at-risk have strained relationships with their parents.

The theme of the Carnival was ‘Kampong Living’. At the event, children gained an understanding on how their parents lived in the past through storytelling of their hardship days in the kampong.

There were four booths at the Carnival – each addressing a specific purpose:

  • Secret Messages from the Heart: This was an art jamming activity. Being brought up in an Asian culture, children and parents often hesitate to express their feelings to each other. As many of these children came from estranged households, they do not receive as much affection from their parents. Therefore, this activity gave both parties an avenue to express their feelings indirectly to the other party.
  • The Way We Used To Live: The objective was to build a house with the sticks provided, and in the process, gave a bonding opportunity for parents and their children where they shared stories and experiences.
  • Sprout of Resilience: This was a vertical gardening activity. References in this activity was drawn to life cycle of plants and how it was relatable to their children’s study journeys: the road to success may be long and arduous, but as long as they remain resilient, they will be able to achieve what they set to do.
  • Mark of Encouragement: As with all activities, it is always good to have souvenirs to remind us of the event. Participants made their own pressed bookmarks, which the organisers hope that this will serve as a celebration to academic successes in life, and motivate them to continue reading and studying.

“It was a great time collaborating with fellow club members on the booths we were in-charge of, and interpersonal skills were exhibited when we had to interact with tact and patience to the low-income families and kids. It was especially fun talking to some of the children who were so positive and energetic, and hearing about their dreams and aspirations while building kampong houses with them.” Tan Guan Yang, Welfare Executive


About Human Resource Consulting Club

Human Resource Consulting Club (HRCC) is an academic club that represents the Human Resource Consulting (HRC) student body. It seeks to create opportunities and connect with entities that empower its development of market-competitive students with an appreciation of Human Resource.

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