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24 volunteers from Hall 2 Hearts, a community service committee of NTU Hall of Residence 2, embarked on a journey to a village called Ban Huay Hin from 19 May to 1 June 2019, and it is located along the Mekong River in the Nga District of the Oudomxay province in Laos.

The volunteers were tasked to build a staircase together with the villagers and facilitated English programmes for the children in the village. Throughout the trip, the volunteers also exchanged life experiences with the villagers – from how different life is like in an urban city (Singapore), to sharing about their favourite food and hobbies. Some of the volunteers were so engrossed in their sharing sessions, that they gave up meal and recreation times, just to chat with the villagers.

The villagers were grateful for the volunteers’ contributions in building the staircase and the children thoroughly enjoyed their time spent in the classroom. The volunteers in turn also expressed their thankfulness for the opportunity to play a part in improving the villagers’ standard of living and humbled by this experience of serving the villagers.

“Throughout this trip, we all grew individually as a person as well as a team where we learn how to work with one another. Even though we might not have done much difference in the villagers’ lives, we hope that they will remember us and continue to improve their standard of living in the near future.” Ngooi Zhi Peng, Logistics Officer


About NTU Hall 2 Hearts

Driven by passionate individuals of Hall 2, NTU Hall 2 Hearts aims to serve and empower the lives of others through small actions. The team hopes to inspire like-minded people and bring forward this exchange of service for future batches.