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21 students from NTU School of Humanities (SoH) Club took part in the school’s first Overseas Exposure Programme – Impacting SOHcieties – in Vietnam, Phong Thanh Commune.

The team partnered with Eco Vietnam Group for this project and prepared educational activities for the local children, took part in construction work which involved building the Center of Research and Application Social & Youth Development (CRASYD) and household duties during their service days.

The trip was an eye-opening experience for everyone in the team as they gained greater insights from it and forged bonds between themselves, the locals and their Vietnamese volunteers. It also forced them to think on their feet and focus on the fundamentals; engaging and teaching.

The team also learned to work together and communicate regularly with each other, so that all members were always on the same page. More importantly, the trip has taught them humility; how to alter their expectations and realise they are only a small step in the students’ learning curve.

“I went for the trip with little to no expectations. I pictured myself going to Vietnam, carrying out the activities, and taking away the standard “lessons” or reflections that usually come with overseas Community Involvement Projects — things like being grateful for the quality of education we have in Singapore or the standards of living, etc. However, this trip challenged me in unexpected ways, pushed me to step out of my comfort zone and forced me to connect with not only the people in my team but the locals as well. I’m thankful for the opportunity to learn from everyone around me and I will cherish the memories made and friendships that were forged.” Joy Lee, Business Manager


About NTU School of Humanities (SoH) Club

NTU SoH Club is the Academic Club of the School of Humanities.

The Club was officially incepted in 2018, and aims to create a vibrant SoH community under a ‘One Humanities’ vision by fostering a common identity among students from the five NTU Humanities subject areas. SoH Club also promotes a spirit of giving through her various school and community events for both the SoH population and general public.

The Club places the academic interests of the five core subject areas and of her constituent sub-clubs as her priority, and serves as the official bridge of communication between the University, the SoH student body and any external organisations.