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NTU Welfare Services Club’s Volunteer Movement (WSC VM) Kids’ World has been making a difference in the lives of disadvantaged children since 2004. Many people will probably agree that childhood is the best time of one’s life. But not every childhood is equally happy. Thus, to create special memories, WSC VM organises an annual camp for children to learn valuable skills and have fun.

During this four-day camp, a buddy system allows volunteers, both new and returning, to form friendships. Kids’ World styles itself as being a “starter pack” for new volunteers, as the 1-to-1 interaction exposes new volunteers to the joys of service.

The latest edition in December 2019 was themed Uncovering your inner DetecTEETH, with activities revolving around making discoveries and dental care and participants had to solve the tooth fairy’s disappearance.

Aside from games, the camp also features a segment on appreciation, with the buddy pairs creating Christmas cards to be given away. Through this activity, WSC VM hopes to share with children the importance of being thankful for those around them and have them carry this value with them back to their daily lives.

Kids’ World has taught me a couple of things including a kid’s positive mentality of learning/trying out new things! Volunteering is extremely enjoyable as I get to make a difference in the lives of the children. Ho Jun Hong, Volunteer


About NTU Welfare Services Club

Founded in 1985, Welfare Services Club (WSC) is a non-academic constituent club in NTU which provides an umbrella of voluntary activities and social work to all students. Besides growing from strength to strength in membership, WSC has also undergone incredible expansions in its activities to reach out to more service users every year. Currently, it runs 9 Regular Service Projects (RSPs) serving the Deaf, Elderly, Children of Low-income Families, Children with Chronic or Terminal Diseases, Intellectually Disabled, People with Mental Health Issues, Physically Challenged, Visually Handicapped and Youths-at-risk, which comprises volunteers engaging these service users weekly at various locations.

WSC also runs 5 Special Projects and 4 Supporting Committees. The Special Projects include Camp OutReach, Challenge ur Limits, Ignite Change, Overseas Volunteering Expedition and Volunteer Management and they provide additional support to service users both locally and overseas. The Supporting Committees include Finance, Growth & Opportunities!, Internal Relations and Publicity and Publications and they provide operational support to WSC. Volunteers engaged in Special Projects and Supporting Committees gain invaluable skills in entrepreneurship, events management, planning, coordination and many more.