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As the saying goes, “The more we know, the more we grow”. With this in mind, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Club (MAE Club)’s Special Projects Subcommittee launched Incito in 2018, collaborating with Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics Incorporation (STEM Inc.), an educational initiative under Science Centre Singapore, as well as charity Lakeside Family Services to benefit the students at Lakeside Student Care.

In its second run on 21 and 22 January 2020, the subcommittee sought to help the children learn and grow by introducing them to the field of engineering and science through a woodcraft-modelling workshop.

The session introduced necessary hands-on skills to the students that will help them with their future projects, as well as spark their interest in the field of STEM and the scientific advancements happening around them.

During the two four-hour sessions, volunteers guided the children in crafting a truss bridge, magnetic car and catapult, using everyday objects like craft sticks, wooden cubes, rubber bands, foam and cardboard. The created models would then be used in games prepared by the subcommittee, such as a car race and a variation of Cornhole, where the students threw styrofoam balls into different sized holes using the catapult that they had made. The students were allowed to take their crafts home, which volunteers hope that it would ignite a passion for engineering work and the like in the future.

The participants thoroughly enjoyed themselves in both the modeling and game aspects of the session, as they were able to use their creations immediately after. The teachers-in-charge also gave positive feedback for the way the event was carried out, which was an improvement from previous editions, in terms of time management, activity organisation and guidance of the students.

“Through their participation in these workshops, children were introduced to engineering principles, which will help them to gain important skills that can help them in the future. We strongly believe that education is the best way to give back to the community and we strive to spread our knowledge of engineering through workshops like Incito. Incito is our chance to inspire young minds and help them to achieve their full potential.” Abhijnan Dikshit , Co-Special Projects Officer


About Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Club (MAE Club)

Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Club (MAE Club) is an academic constituent club whose members are MAE undergraduates. The Club represents the interests of MAE students and organise welfare and social activities to enrich their school life.

In July 2016, MAE Club set up a new committee to run the MAE Club Special Projects (SP) portfolio. It aims to provide a more holistic and well-rounded University experience for MAE students, through the organisation of community involvement programmes that incorporates relevant engineering skills and knowledge.