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Sometimes it’s the jobs that we don’t think much about, which deserves the most recognition. In order to raise awareness about the role of janitors in NTU and to show gratitude towards them on behalf of the NTU Community, the Rotaract Club’s Community Service division organised the Janitors Appreciation Project (JAP).

A platform to foster better relationships between students and janitors, the project consisted of the School Appreciation Tea and Hall Appreciation Tea. One session of the former and two of the latter were carried out before the COVID-19 situation, engaging a total of 111 janitors and presenting 239 gifts to other janitors who were not able to join in due to work.

The subcommittees of the Community Service Division planned the various sessions and prepared the activities and gifts in a bid to bring joy to the janitors. Different groups took charge of the programme line-up, including emcee-ing, performing, liaisons, welfare and logistics. In addition, the School of Social Sciences Club prepared a “Thank You” card and a $1 Fine Food @South Spine dining voucher for each guest. A total of 37 volunteers took part in the three sessions.

The volunteers spent time engaging with the guests and breaking the ice through games such as Bingo, before the main activities began.

The exciting performances spurred some guests to dance with the volunteers, as well as to sing-along for an impromptu karaoke session. Lucky guests also had the chance to walk away with small prizes from the lucky draw.

During the serving of light refreshments, janitors opened up to volunteers about their opinions and concerns about working on campus. They also mentioned ways in which students can help out, which allowed volunteers to realise the extent of hard work and dedication these workers put in their job.

The organising committee felt that JAP successfully brought happiness to the janitors and provided a platform for members to create meaningful relationships with them. Most importantly, they hope that the event has spread awareness on the janitors’ tough work schedule and job, and created a better understanding of the various communities within NTU for the students.

I recognise some of these janitors that attended the session as they were from my Hall. I’m really glad to have had this opportunity to know them better – it hadn’t occurred to me that they are funny and friendly people. We were engaged in our conversations that we continued talking even after the event has ended. Goh Xing Han, Volunteer


About NTU Rotaract Club

The Rotaract Club of NTU is part of a global effort to bring peace and international understanding to the rest of the world, beginning at the community level. It aims to serve and improve the welfare and skills of its members. The Club is supported by seven divisions – comprising the Club Service, Community Service, International Service, Youth Development, Professional Development, Business and Finance, and Publicity and Publication.