Human Rights Projects

Familiar Strangers

  Familiar Strangers is a campaign to both collect 
and share the stories of low-wage migrant workers in Singapore. Many of the stories about low-wage migrant workers today are...

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The Silent Builders

  Inspired by the amount of construction going on in NTU, students from College of Science decided that they "should do something to make these workers feel welcome in the school"....

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Xenophobia: (n) The fear and hatred of strangers or foreigners or of anything that is strange or foreign. [xe●no●pho●bia] Even before the Little India riot, there have been negative views about Low Wage...

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Janitors’ Appreciation Month

Starting off as a one-day high tea function, three years ago, to appreciate school janitors for their contributions, the Janitors' Appreciation Month now comprises several activities held over the...

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