New article in Science Comm with Detenber, Ong & Lim

Congrats to my colleague Ben Detenber (along with former undergrads Adeline Ong and Nigel Lim) for leading the project  “Complementary versus competitive framing effects in the context of pro-environmental attitudes and behaviors”. It’s been accepted for publication in Science Communication!

Authors: Benjamin H. Detenber, Shirley S. Ho, Adeline Ong, Nigel Lim


This study examined the effects of complementary and competitive framing environments on people’s support for and attitudes toward pro-environmental behaviors (PEBs) and green energy technologies (GETs). Results suggest that frames have different effects on attitudes and policy support. Relative to the control group, complementary anti- climate action frames lowered attitudes toward PEBs and GETs. Competitive frames led to attitudes toward GETs that were significantly different from the complementary pro- and anti- frame conditions. For support, significant differences were found between the complementary pro- and anti- frames, and between the competitive and complementary pro- climate action frames for PEBs.

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