2018 Recipient of the Hillier Krieghbaum Under-40 Award

I am honored to be named the 2018 recipient of the Hillier Krieghbaum Under-40 Award, given by the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication (AEJMC). This award was created and funded by the late Hillier Krieghbaum, New York, a long-time AEJMC member and a past president, to honor a young scholar annually who have shown outstanding achievement and effort in research, teaching and public service.

This is the first time in the history of AEJMC that the award is given to a scholar from an Asian university. The award ceremony will be held in Washington D. C. in August. I would like to specially thank Charles Salmon and Dietram Scheufele who nominated and support me for the award. I am especially grateful for their years of mentorship, advice, and unwavering support for me. I also wish to thank all my co-authors who have worked on meaningful projects with me over the years.

Previous Awardees:

2017 — Jakob D. Jensen, University of Utah
2016 — Jörg Matthes, Vienna
2015 — Homero Gil de Zúñiga, University of Vienna
2014 — Yan Jin, Virginia Commonwealth
2013 — John Besley, Michigan State
2012 — Susan Robinson, Wisconsin-Madison
2011 — Sri Kalyanaraman, North Carolina at Chapel Hill
2010 — Dietram Scheufele, Wisconsin-Madison
2009 — Kimberly Bissell, Alabama
2008 — Patricia Moy, Washington
2007 — William P. Eveland, Jr., Ohio State
2006 — David S. Domke, Washington
2005 — Dhavan V. Shah, Wisconsin-Madison
2004 — Clay Calvert, Pennsylvania State
2003 — Julie Andsager, Washington State
2002 — David T.Z. Mindich, Saint Michael’s
2001 — Erica Weintraub Austin, Washington State
2000 — Carolyn Kitch, Temple
1999 — David Atkin, Cleveland State
1998 — Edward Adams, Angelo State
1997 — Annie Lang, Indiana
1996 — John Ferré, Louisville
1995 — Wayne Wanta, Oregon
1994 — Stephen D. Reese, Texas at Austin
1993 — Marilyn Kern-Foxworth, Texas A&M
1992 — Carroll Glynn, Cornell
1991 — Jeff Smith, Iowa
1990 — Pamela Shoemaker, Texas at Austin
1989— Robert Drechsel, Wisconsin-Madison
1988 — Jane D. Brown, North Carolina
1987 — Theodore Glasser, Minnesota
1986— Sharon Dunwoody, Wisconsin-Madison
1985— Lee Becker, Ohio State
1984— Ellen Wartella, Illinois
1983— David Weaver, Indiana
1982— Everette Dennis, Oregon
1981— David Rubin, New York (first)




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