NG Hui Ying

NUS scholar


Huiying Ng is a recent graduate of the National University of Singapore’s Department of Psychology and University Scholars Programme and is currently working in a research capacity at the NUS. Her Honours thesis in psychology (under 2nd review) focused on self-determination, autonomy and supportive social environments. She has presented her undergraduate work extensively at humanistic and health psychology conferences. Outside psychology, she employs ethnographic methods and participatory action research gathered from research in rural Thailand and Laos, part of which has been published in the student journal Subjectivities and New Mandala, an academic blog on Southeast Asia. Her work experiences after graduation have led her to new considerations of labour, volunteerism and commerce. She is currently pursuing these interests, along with a longstanding interest in agricultural production and livelihoods, collaborative knowledge production and participatory processes, through initiatives such as The Photo Thing and Foodscape Collective.