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Security Guard tour system is used to tracking, monitor and verify in real-time the patrol movement of security personnel as they move around the building facility to scan the RFID/NFC checkpoints during their patrol rounds
The Security guard checkpoint systems work by having the patrolling security staff to use a handheld data acquisition reader to touch the RFID/NFC checkpoint buttons placed at each of the patrol routes.This guard tour patrol system helps to serve many useful operational functions, namely,
1. To optimize the management of security operations to ensure that patrol duties are carried out and completed within the required time period. This is especially useful for companies with limited security manpower.2. Safeguarding of property installations & critical business assets and investments against any damage loss caused by vandalism, theft or sabotage. It works by serving as a strong deterrent to counter any unauthorized access by trespassers.3. To provide a reliable means of verification to ensures guard patrol rounds are enforced & completed on time.



In the past, conventional guard tour patrol management system utilizes various forms of technology.

1. Mechanical Watch Clocks

This involves the use of mechanized guard tour watchman-clocks. It works by using a paper tape-based recording system to time stamp each event milestone during the patrol rounds by the security guards.

2. Barcode Reader-based Guard Tour System

Here the portable handheld data collection device carried by the security guard comes in the form of an IR barcode scanning reader.
It works by having the security guard to use the scanning wand to scan the designated bar code labels (1D or 2D) attached to each of the key checkpoint locations located around the building premises to be guarded
At the end of the guard tour duty, the security officer simply transfers the historical record of barcode readings read onto a computer for daily activity report generation.


Challenges of Conventional Guard Tour Systems

1. Predictability of Patrol Route

Typically in a normal guard prowling operations, security guards are required to strictly follow a pre-defined walk path route in order to ensure the guard officers covers critical areas which are deemed to be exposed to high-security risk or areas where there are high-value assets that need to be protected.
By having the security guard officers to follow a pre-planned sequence of checkpoints, it allows their precise location and progress to be easily tracked. However, this setup can sometimes pose the security risk, when the security guard’s patrol route, checkpoint sequence, and a schedule is easily ascertained by any observers who have an intent to plan a break in order to avoid detection by the security guards.

2. Lack of Time Flexibility

Conventional guard tour system requires security officers to reach each security checkpoint within a designated time schedule.
Often security officers are busy ensuring that they fulfill their checkpoint schedule requirements, that it draws their attention away from the actual observation of the premises during the patrol rounds.
In the event of an abnormally detected during the patrol rounds, the systems do not offer the security officer the flexibility to further investigate because of the schedule requirements that need to be met.

3. Inefficient & Inaccurate Tracking of Security Events

In old guard tour system, any security incidents observed are manually typed into the system in order to register an event log for later activity reporting. This administrative task is extremely time consuming and unproductive.
In addition, because the entry of the security incident events is done at the end of the tour patrol duty, it can sometimes result in omission and inaccuracy due to the reliance on the security officer’s memory recall.
Added to this is the relative complexity of operating the computer’s security guard reporting program which can be a challenge for some security officers who are not technically inclined. Time and resources are often required for user training as a result.



The project involves working on improving the current guard tour management system, using an electronic-based hardware and smart security guard scheduling software in order to ensure that the guard tour patrol officers systematically patrol a secured premises by walking around the building property in a pre-defined route sequence at the correct pace.

In the new & improved RFID personnel tracking system that we are designing, the system features several upgrades & capabilities, such as

1. Advanced electronic hardware for improved data acquisition
2. Advanced software for more accurate guard activity reporting.
3. Quick and real-time recording of security incidents detected by security guards.

Scalable Implementation

The network compatible guard tour software is also designed to be scalable in its implementation to support the addition of additional

1. Touch-memory button data-acquisition readers
2. Patrol Data downloaders
3. Touch memory checkpoint buttons

Cross Compatibility with industry standard Guard Tour Checkpoints

The guard tour hardware is designed to be adaptable and cross-compatible with guard tour checkpoints from other manufacturers.
This means that if there is already a preexisting set of security guard tour checkpoints already pre-installed by another manufacturer, the user can simply re-use them with the new guard tour hardware and software to avoid incurring an unnecessary cost.

Automatic & Seamless Data Transfer

To download and transfer the patrol data collected onto the computer for processing & report generation, the security officer simply has to dock the handheld reader onto the downloader.
Once the guard tour reader is placed into the onto the downloader system, the patrol data is automatically downloaded without the need for further action by the user.

Automated Report Generation Process

The security management program functions to make sense of the patrol data by automating the summary report generation process. Additionally, users can customize reports to suit a particular need.

Intuitive Software GUI User Interface  

The user-friendly guard tour software features an easy to understand Graphical user interface which automatically configures & organizes the security patrol data in a hierarchical fashion. This helps to facilitate the intuitive use of the system for 1st-time users and eliminate the need for any time and resources spent on user training.
This is especially important in the security guarding industry where a large majority of the security employees tend to be not technically inclined or computer savvy.
As our propriety security management software is network connected, it means that the patrol information data can be accessed and downloaded from any internet connected device or workstation which does not have the software installed.
Multi-User Support
To facilitate multi-users with capabilities to provide a customized security account access permission, the guard tour system also features security features which support a hierarchical user access authorization.

Enhanced Security Features

To enhance the security of the guard patrol operations, the patrol route walked by the security officer is governed by a set of pre-determined rules instead of using a rigid operational requirement which requires the security guard to visit each security patrol checkpoint in a specific sequence and at a specific time schedule.
This provides the security officers much more flexibility when conducting their patrol rounds
Operational Rule settings can be pre-configured into the security guard management system to define the number of times a particular location checkpoint is to be visited during a patrol or shift. In addition, the rules are also fielded programmable base on the specific security operational procedures & security needs unique to your organization

Programmable Patrol Checkpoints

Each touch memory button checkpoint is embedded with a RFID microchip technology which can be preprogrammed with location-specific information data.
This means that as the security guard progresses along the security patrol route, the detailed information log stored in the touch memory button is read and captured by the hand-held data acquisition reader.
This allows accurate and useful information concerning the patrol to be captured, such as time of check-in at each of the patrol checkpoint, Sequence of checkpoint walked etc.


The security level that any organization has depends on the level of security situational awareness and efficiency of their reporting process of the security information. With the new and improved guard tour system, it helps organizations to be more prepared for any security incident.



Flexibility for Wide Range of Applications Beyond Tracking Security Guards
The guard tour system is not just restricted for use in managing security guards.
In fact, the system can be used for tracking and verify any job tasks where the employee have to conduct scheduled regular checks on specific physical conditions
Examples include checking of fire extinguishers placed throughout the facility to ensure adequate pressure levels
In this case, the touch button memory can be pre-programmed with information identifying the asset ID of the fire extinguisher, similar to how the touch memory button is used to identify specific key locations along the patrol path

Other useful applications of the guard tour monitoring system includes

1. Equipment servicing checks
2. Preventive maintenance checks (eg. inspection of Railway, Pipeline)
3. Hospitality industry, such as hotel, to verify completion of restroom cleaning task by Hotel Cleaners
4. Timekeeping applications in Restaurant, Supermarket
5. Tracking Transportation of high-value assets or cargo goods
6. Health care, to track patient monitoring checks by hospital nurses during their shift rounds

Basically, the guard tour system can be used in just about any operational application which requires regular Monitoring and Accountability. This improved guard tour system helps security management staff to quickly and easily gather accurate patrol information and seamlessly transfer the data to key stakeholders and decision makers for better accountability and documentation

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Guard Tour System

– Ensure guard patrol rounds conducted by your security guards are traceable verified.

– Tour Patrol data serves as an Evidence-grade electronic audit trail to Demonstrate service delivery to stake holders and to serve as a Proof of presence


Guard Tour Management System

– Used by security services companies to manage multiple teams of security guards, in multiple client guard site more effectively.


Electronic Guard Tour System | Electronic Patrol System

– Utilize various authenticated data collection technology, such as RFID, NFC, Touch Memory (iButton) buttons

– Durable enough to withstand high drop impact forces. Water and Dust resistant design makes it suitable for operations in harsh outdoor weather conditions.


Guard Tour System Management Software

– For planning of patrol route, checkpoint placement, security report generation, and guard shift planning






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