T1000 Mobile Range System

Part One – Design Concept


1.Design Rationale

The T1000 Mobile Range System is a fully functional firearms training facility comparable to an indoor range and at same time compact enough for transportation to any location required. This mobility eliminates the constraint of training location and allows for more flexible training schedules. This has proven to be important particularly for training of the military and the law enforcement community. Target Board_Iso & side

Realistic Simulation

This target system is designed largely to replicate the movement of a moving person at close firing scenarios. With simple programming, the various rates and pattern of the target movement can be customized with ease. This allows the T1000 to adapt to different types of training difficulty and weapon type.                     Target Boar Front

Design features

Target Board Side Slope armor is incorporated at the frontal face of the casing to enhance it durability to the stray bullets. This sloping design makes it harder for bullets to penetrate as bullet becomes incident to the surface at an angle instead.                           Target Board Overview

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Part One – Design Concept

1· Design Rationale
2· Overview of T1000 Mobile Range System


Part Two – Motion Simulation

1· Dynamic Motion Simulation (Solidmotion)
2· Stress Analysis (Simulationxpress)

2. Overview of T100 Mobile Range System

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