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On a daily basis, a typical building facility is faced with many visitors from all walks of life.
They could range from

1. Regular visitors, such as Internal staff, business associates, external VIP guest
2. 1st-time visitors who are coming into the company for a short-term purpose, such as a job interview.

Other visitors could also be unannounced, such as

3. Delivery personnel delivering an express parcel or food ordered by an employee during peak hour lunch time.
4. Periodic visitors could also include service personnel who needs to come into the company to do serving on company assets, such as photocopier maintenance, carpet cleaning, or implement a new hardware in the company restricted IT server room.


Importance of A Seamless Visitor Check-in Experience

No matter what the access needs the situation calls for, it is a given that all visitors have to be enrolled, identified and registered into the iPad visitor management system accurately and in order to prevent any inconvenience caused by any delay or time wasted.
Having a professional visitor management system in Singapore companies also helps to create a sense of friendliness and welcomeness.

Although a large majority of the personnel entering a typical building are internal staff who are issued proper identity credentials to grant them access, managing the access control of visitors calls for a separate dedicated processing and visitor registration system in order to optimize the building security level.
The recommended appropriate level of security safeguard provided by the reception visitor management system depends on the security profile of your building facility, as well as the physical assets or intellectual assets that the visitors need to be granted access to.

Hospital Visitor Management

Depending on the security needs of the hospital building, a hospital visitor management system can help to safe guard the privacy of patients and help to prevent unauthorized access to highly confidential visitor personal medical records.
The visitor check-in process implemented can include optional process, such as

1. Scanning of Visitor’s identity credential to capture visitor identity information, such as business card, driving license and NRIC identity card
2. Visitor identity pre-screening
3. Visitor escort by the host employee into the building when they move around within the building premises


Security Elements of a Visitor Management Workflow

1. Visitor Identity Verification

Who is the personnel requesting entry access into the building facility? Does the identification credential that is provided by them match with who they claim they are?

2. Validation of Visitor’s Purpose of Visit

Does the visitor have a genuine purpose for visiting the facility? Was an appointment with an internal employee scheduled before they arrived at the building facility for the visit?

3. Screening of Visitors for Restricted Items.

A Certain organization which deals with sensitive intellectual assets have security policies that ban visitors from carrying into the building restricted items, such as 1. Image capturing device, 2. Removable storage.
In other cases, a high-security building has a strict restriction on contraband items, such as dangerous weapons or explosive.
An automated visitor management system can facilitate this restriction of contraband item possession by presenting to the visitors a briefing of the security policies and get their acknowledgment.

4. Visitor Access Control Management at Building Facility Entrance

To facilitate a secure management of visitor access control, the electronic visitor management system can be made to integrate with the building pre-existing access control card readers. This means that the visitor access badge pass can be used to also gain access to areas of the building where they are authorized to enter


How to Process Visitors

On days where companies have to deal with a small number of guest on any typical day, companies use various verification methods, such as a simple sign-in book and a hand-written badge.
In other cases, some companies use a form of intercom system where the visitor is able to virtually communicate with an internal staff via an audio/video communication system.
However, this is not feasible during peak hours with high visitor traffic, especially when the front desk reception area is not staffed most of the time.
Having a lobby visitor management system helps to frees up the staff from having to manually man the front desk reception, and help to presents a more professional and sophisticated feel to the company appearance.

1. Visitor Pre-Screening

Visitor management software can be configured to automatically scan and read the visitor’s identity credential printed on the visitor identity card, business card, driving license or passport.
This visitor information captured can be cross-referenced with a pre-authorization whitelist, which will then trigger an automatic sending of the notification to inform the host employee of the visitor arrival.
For purposes of providing a secure visitor access control, a customized barcode printed on the visitor badge pass can be used to control visitor access only to designated areas in the building facility.

2. Pre-approval

Employees can pre-register visitors by accessing and completing a visitor pre-approval form via the online web-based visitor management system interface. As an added layer of security, an additional layer of security can be put in place to require an authentication by a managing supervisor before the visitor data entered is accepted into the visitor management system.

3. Processing

During the visitor’s arrival at the building facility, the visitor will be required to present his/her identity credential to the front desk reception for purpose of verifying his/her identity.
Various identity credential can be used, such as personal NRIC identity card, professional business name card, driver’s license, or even travel passport
The visitor management software is equipped with Optical Character Recognition (OCR) capabilities to automatically capture the visitor information printed on the credentials provided. As an added layer of defense against blacklisted visitors, the electronic visitor management system can cross reference the visitor information against a database of blacklist visitors to prevent their entry if they are recognized by the system.

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