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SCSE Technovation Digital Project is developed by NTU Libraries in collaboration with NTU School of Computer Science and Engineering (SCSE). This project is a digital collection of  SCSE Final Year Project posters and project-related videos. The student projects are inspired by ideation, innovation and technology, and demonstrate real-life problem solving across a multitude of application areas. These project posters and videos are displayed at an annual exhibition which is open to the industry, junior college students as well as public visitors. The event also showcases the various training approaches in SCSE that nurture student capabilities, inculcate entrepreneurship, as well as enable students to utilise their skills efficiently in the future.

High Speed Photography (Water Droplet)Smart receipt system - image processing, data analytics and server developmentShared Physical Space GamingA Paperless E-ExhibitHuman Activity Recognition

Web-based remote driven robotic vehicleMobile-based system: Snake alert applicationElderly Physical Well Being SystemElderly Physical Well Being SystemFramework for Remote Monitoring System using a Mobile RobotTracking Vulnerable People Using Body Worn QR Code



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