UScreenPlays: The Grand Budapest Hotel

Written by: Lee Zhe Wei

Edited by: Teo Rui Ling

Credit: Qvesknela, Wikimedia Commons

There is no doubt that our USP students love bonding over a good film, evident from the impressive turn out rate of previous film appreciation nights. Capitalising on this success, UScreenPlays has made yet another triumphant return to the screens.

This time round, the movie chosen was The Grand Budapest Hotel, a Wes Anderson film that has been highly celebrated for its distinctive visual and narrative style. The event proved to be an immensely memorable night, as USP students chuffed down slices of pizza while making conversation and attempting to pull off a Simon Cowell-styled film critic.

The story of The Grand Budapest Hotel essentially revolves around a loyal concierge who aligns himself with an employer that has been framed for murder. To prove his innocence and to avoid the cold-blooded assassin that is on the hunt for them, the two characters embark on a whimsical adventure.

When asked about the reason behind the choice of film, organiser Timothy Bay, a Year 1 Aerospace Engineering student, said: “The UScreenPlays team wanted to pick a film that was thought-provoking and entertaining, and we felt that The Grand Budhapest Hotel would be the perfect show to do that.”

Through entertaining Youtube videos and in-depth discussions, the audience were able to better understand the cinematography behind the film. This discussion proved to be largely insightful, and this sentiment was echoed by participant Celine Koh, a Year 1 Communication Studies student. “I am really impressed with the cinematography entailed behind the film. In fact, when I am filming for my personal school projects, I may consider incorporating such elements of Aspect Ratio into my future works,” she remarked.

All in all, UScreenPlays was a resounding success. We may be no Wes Anderson, but watching this spectacular movie certainly inspired us to pay more attention to the cinematographic details and mise-en-scene in films. Not to mention, with great food and even better company, the night was undeniably one to remember. Here’s to more exciting movie screenings ahead!

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