USpeech: A Stimulating Debate Workshop

Written by: Lee Zhe Wei
Edited by: Teo Rui Ling
Photos by: Ng Xinyu

USpeech is an inter NTU-USP debate workshop initiated by USP Special Projects. Helmed by two Accountancy and Business students – third-year Khoo Yi Jin and second-year Pang Jin Hu, the workshop aims to introduce the fundamentals of debating to USP students and provide an opportunity and platform for them to voice out their opinions.

The workshop kicked off quickly, with the organisers explaining the technicalities of debate and providing suggestions on how to dissect motions to generate insights. Participants were then broken up into groups to discuss a motion close to home: whether polytechnic students should be granted preferential admission to NTU-USP. By employing what we have learnt and bouncing off each other’s ideas, USP students were able to craft rich discussions over the topic, with many of them passionately voicing out their opinions.

After an intense discussion, our participants were finally ready for the crux of the workshop – the long-awaited debate! Triumphant cheers could be heard from the observers, as each speaker spoke passionately and defended their points valiantly.

When asked for their post-event thoughts, one of the participants, Year 1 Accountancy and Business student Avril Choo said: “I was extremely delighted to have participated in this workshop. I felt that it was a great opportunity for me to showcase my oratorical skills and voice my opinions on an issue which I felt really passionate about. In fact, through this workshop, I also managed to learn more about the basic fundamentals of debating, which was really insightful.”

Another participant, Elaine Tay, a Year 1 Communication Studies student, also echoed her sentiment. “I was really apprehensive about signing up for this workshop as public speaking is a facet which is not in my comfort zone. However, through this workshop, I was glad that I managed to challenge myself.”

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