What’s In My Bag

By: Chua Zong Xuan, Teo Rui Ling, Janice Leong, Ong Shu Yi

You can learn a lot about someone by just taking a peek into their bags. In this fun What’s In My Bag feature, our ever-sporting NTU-USP students – Celine and Max – open their bags and their hearts to us, as they tell us more about their life, hobbies and quirks.

Celine, Year 1 Communications Studies student:



I play floorball in school, and I’ve been playing for around 8 years. I first learnt about this sport when I was in secondary school, and it was part of my CCA. When I’m stressed, I always head to the SRC to hit around with my friends. It really helps to relieve my stress. It’s also a really fun sport and I get to meet a lot of people. I feel like part of me can no longer give up floorball anymore, because I’m very attached to this sport.

Shoe Bag & Towel

Currently, I have floorball training twice a week, and sometimes there will be additional physical trainings. But even if there is no training for the week, I will go to the CresPion gym to keep up my fitness. I also have a lot of friends in NTU-USP who often jio me for runs.


I bring headphones around because I prefer headphones to earpieces. They’re very portable as well. I typically listen to Spotify’s Top 50, but I also recommend Coldplay.


Max, Year 3 Accountancy student:


I’ve had my Sony Walkman for 5-6 years now, and I mainly listen to indie music or EDM. I think that the Walkman has much better audio quality than the phone, so I still use it. But a big downside is that it doesn’t have access to Spotify.

Coffee Grinder & Brewer

I grind and brew my own coffee. I carry these around, especially when I head to the NTU-USP lounge. The lounge has hot water, so I can make my coffee there, and study while having my coffee.


My favourite type of coffee beans are from Ethiopia. It’s called the Ethiopian Yirgacheffe. It’s from a  specific region within Ethiopia, and the beans are grown at a specific altitude which gives it a distinct flavour. Beans from Ethiopia are usually more floral in nature, so they tend to taste better. Ethiopia is also the birthplace of coffee, so I think the beans there taste the best.

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