Well Wishes from the 4th Executive Committee

Hello everyone! We sincerely hope that the annual general meeting has given you an insight on the workings of the club. The 4th Executive Committee has penned down more personal thoughts and wishes for the club and the community:


Nigel Lim, President.

The fatigue from balancing your academics, social life, club commitments, and outside commitments will eventually get to you. But I assure you that the effort you put in for this balancing act will pay off. When you find yourself doing something that at first seems like a chore, then a responsibility, and then a commitment, reflect on it, because that’s most likely where your passion is hiding.

Gain inspiration through conversations with professors, your batch mates, your seniors, keep on reflecting about how you can enrich your student life, and enable yourself to achieve what you want. Time is on your side, cherish it.

To the freshmen: while your commitment as a sub-committee member is compulsory in the first year, I urge all of you to embrace this with an open mind. Experience what it means to be an undergraduate, a NTU-USP scholar, and discover what makes you tick.


Lim Jiaqi, Vice-President.

Entering into our 4th year as an actively growing club, we are still changing and facing challenges in shaping our culture and identity. However, our club has undoubtedly become increasingly united over these few years, with every incoming batch integrating well into the NTU-USP family. For this upcoming academic year, I hope that we can continue to be the place that all NTU-USP scholars look towards for support, courage, and inspiration from the entire community despite our diversity. It is one of our goals for our events and workshops to be tailored to what we hear from all of you and we hope that you too continue to play an active role in creating the unity that is slowly taking shape in this community. Have a great academic year ahead and may the USPirit be with you!


Elaine Tay, Hon. Gen. Sec.

Hi everyone! As we go into the new academic year, I understand that most of us would have many commitments outside of NTU-USP too. But, my sincere wishes for NTU-USP is that as we busy about everywhere, we will still wear a certain kind of USP pride on our sleeves. This pride doesn’t stem from eclairs and sponsored study abroad programs, but, really, from seeing the NTU-USP community as a family and safe haven – a community open to anyone learning, stepping up and contributing in their own ways, even just by being present. This is truly the best place in university to grow as a person with endless opportunities to develop interests, try new things and make a difference.

This academic year, we have lots to bring to the table with more streamlined and enriched events, so we hope everyone is as excited as we are! This club would be nothing without all of you – so please come join us at events, make new friends and always feel free to give us feedback and new ideas! ?


Oen Beng Koon, Hon. Fin. Sec.

I hope that NTU-USP grows as a community and programme in the upcoming academic year by delivering value to all the scholars in our large family. With an enhanced focus on enriching and empowering scholars with meaningful experiences, I hope that all scholars will gain something over the next year! Furthermore, as we establish our brand name within NTU and the community at large, I hope that the NTU-USP name becomes a source of pride and accomplishment to all our scholars and that it acts a springboard for them to do bigger and better things. And most importantly, I hope that through NTU-USP, scholars make lasting friendships and bonds that will outlive their time spent in NTU!


Vernette Chia, ACSA Director.

Welcome back into the new academic year! I hope everyone is not too washed out by the workload yet. To the freshmen: enjoy your honeymoon year as you navigate around trying to figure out the 1001 things about university life. To the seniors: let’s continue making the most out of our short years in school! Work hard but don’t forget to have some fun too, you could definitely come for ACSA’s events to unwind and relax! Here’s to a year of seeing happy faces around USP!


June Tan, ACSO Director.

Firstly, a community in which everyone puts in effort to mingle with different people, to get to know seniors, juniors and faculty members, and not just sticking with our own batch. That NTU-USP can be the place where we can all feel comfortable enough to learn humbly from one another (especially when there are so many bright minds here!) and grow together.

Secondly, that we will all contribute towards building our community, whether in big or small ways. That means squeezing a little time to go for NTU-USP events despite our busy schedules. Not just for the sake of having fun (or for the eclairs), but believing in the value-add factor that these events provide. And people (especially juniors) wanting to share talents and skills with everyone. Also, to see different people taking the initiative to step up (and not just the same few faces).

Lastly, that more of our seniors would come back for events, to meet the juniors, even after graduation. Because we are all members of one NTU-USP community. May it be an even more vibrant and inclusive one in the coming academic year!


Cynthia Tan, AGA Director.

My wish for NTU-USP in the upcoming academic year is for us to become a happier and an even more bonded family. I love how NTU-USP connects people and I am extremely thankful that I can be at ease whenever I meet and talk to friends in the community. I hope that our freshies, seniors and batchmates will feel the same too.

As AGA director, I hope to bring more enriching events to the NTU-USP family as I understand that not all of us are satisfied with just learning from the classroom. I’m sure there are unique interests and areas of concerns for each and every one of us, so I hope that I will be able to reach out to these people in every small way that I can. In order for this to take place, I would like to urge all of you to communicate any ideas they have to me or any of my friendly subcommers. AGA is open to new ideas and would love to hear you out.


Vess Chua, Pubs Director.

Personally, I found the NTU-USP Club a wonderful platform for me to start getting involved in USP activities. In fact, it is where I have met most of my closest USP peers and seniors. Being in Publicity is no easy task, and I must say, we are sometimes overlooked. But, being the silent observer at every event and having the opportunity to create things with my own two hands made the experience extremely fulfilling and rewarding. As we venture into the academic year ahead, I hope all of you feel the same excitement I felt when I signed up to be a part of the NTU-USP Club. Here, we are not just your directors, we are your friends. Remember, USP can mean both U Smarticle Particle and U Slack & Play. To explain, USP is somewhere you know you can study really hard with your friends and go play paintball with the same group of friends the next day.


Timothy Bay, SP Director.

I hope that the NTU-USP community can continue being enthusiastic on attending all sorts of diverse events and initiatives that the NTU-USP Club proposes and executes. Without the constant support an attendance of these events, the NTU-USP events would amount to nothing.

On a portfolio-centric wish, I hope that many NTU-USPians can step up out of their respective comfort zones to take the lead in holding their own workshops on any skill or talent. Furthermore, I do hope that the Incubation Hub would have an endless supply of ideas for the committee to test and trial for the future betterment of the NTU-USP community. Lastly, as I am a strong advocate of faculty-student interaction, I hope that more interactions happen between these two groups of individuals as NTU-USP is a small community and should be tightly knitted as a family.


Annemarie Goh, SSP Director.

Hi everyone! I Just wanted to wish all of you a meaningful year ahead. In whatever subcommittee(s) you choose to join, or in whatever activities you participate in, I hope that you will make the most out of it. I hope that you will not be afraid to step out of your comfort zone to reach out and try new things, because opportunities don’t come often, and one of the worst feelings you can have is regret. So, live a life with no regrets! Stay healthy and happy, always!


With that, the 4th Executive Committee will see you at our next event!

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