June 4

News: I am attending Cryptodatathon 2018 @ Zurich

Several months has passed since my last post. I am busy with my thesis and have already submitted it.

Here comes latest news about me 🙂

I am attending Cryptodatathon 2018 @ Zurich from June 3 to 9.

More details about the event can be seen HERE.

The task of our project is to calculate the sentiment related to crypto through the content collected from social networks. In a sense, the task is quite similar to what I have done on the stock market index prediction. Basically, we chose official accounts who post a lot about crypto then crawled the content to perform sentiment analysis. We created a crypto-sensitive dictionary which can be downloaded HERE.

Slides about the whole project can be seen via request to wchen015(at)e.ntu.edu.sg.


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