January 31

Slides about survival analysis presentation

I have been in Japan for nearly one month. The research topic of my internship is quite different from what I have expected. The topic is An Initial Study of Survival Analysis using Deep Learning.

Since I am going to do a final presentation to summarize my work here soon (together with an interview :-p). I would like to put my slides here to share my brief summary about survival analysis.

December 6

I am going for an internship at Toshiba Japan

I will go to Kawasaki for my intenship from Jan 9 to Feb 9, 2018 at Toshiba. I will work at Microelectronics Center and the topic of the internship is AI and deep learning framework, big data analyzing system, and IoT sensing system.

I will update the post after I arrive. Hope we can meet somewhere in Japan 🙂