November 3


Supervised Labs (Undergraduate)
CE/CZ1006 Computer Organization and Architecture
CE/CZ1008/CE/CZ1011 Engineering Math I
CE/CZ1012 Engineering Math II
CE3005 Computer Networks
CZ3006 Net-Centric Computing

I’ve taken the lab duties from 2014 to 2017. The group size is from 15 to 30 for each lab session. I have been engaged in the preparation for the lab sessions, encouraging students to solve the problems they meet during the labs and answering their questions. Sometimes I will organize lab consultation and explained the questions in the quiz papers to the students.

Supervised Students (Undergraduate)
Alvin Ng Keng Hian – Near Duplicate Detection on Tweets (FYP)
Teo Yue Qi – Identifying Behavioral Anomalies in Twitter Users (FYP)

Cheng Gibson – A Study on Rumour Detection on Online Social Networks (FYP)
Yang Chenyan – A Study on Spread Pattern of Online Social Networks Rumour (FYP)

Deng Yue – Machine Learning and Fintech (URECA)
Liu Zhemin – Machine Learning and Fintech (URECA)
Soh Jun Jie – Machine Learning and Fintech (URECA)

Liu Zhemin – Illegal Vehicle Detection from Real-Time Video Analysis (FYP)