Jobs Available: Assistant Manager (Knowledge Management)

Position: Assistant Manager (Knowledge Management)

Employer: Singapore International Foundation

• Assist in reviewing the knowledge management (KM) system, ascertaining KM requirements of the IV Department and making recommendations on the building of the Volunteer and Project Information Management Systems
• Assist in working with vendor to build the Volunteer and Project Information Management Systems
• Lead the effort to take stock of and organize existing knowledge within IV Department, including the maintenance of IV Department’s contribution to the intranet
• Oversee the updating and retrieval of pertinent information and data for IV Department as and when required

Main tasks:
• Do a preliminary study of existing data in IV Department and identify IV Department’s KM requirements with a view towards building the Volunteer and Project Information Management Systems
• Assist in specifying user requirements for the VM and PM Information Management Systems
• Search, collate and organize all relevant data pertaining to IV volunteers, contacts and IV projects
• Work with IT vendor to check accuracy of data
• Work with IT vendor to migrate data into IV volunteer, contact and project
• Assist in the testing and lead the implementation of the Information Management Systems in IV Department
• Oversee the updating and maintenance of the Information Management Systems within IV Department
• Assist to generate relevant information pertaining to IV Department’s volunteers and projects as and when required.

Skills and experience required:
• Singaporean or Permanent Resident
• A graduate with 3 years of relevant experience in knowledge management or administration
• High level of proficiency in MS Excel and Access
• Meticulous and high attention to detail
• Independent worker who is able to work with a dynamic and highly mobile team

To apply, check company website.

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