The disappearing hills

Yeo Kaiwen

Mr Lim Wui Liang & Ms Hedwig Alfred


This is an interactive photojournalism website that investigates the aftermath of the 2013 Bertam Valley Floods in Cameron Highlands, Pahang, Malaysia. The Cameron Highlands have in recent years, been under development pressure— particularly from the agricultural sector. While such development has created a secure and comfortable lifestyle for many farmers, it has also resulted in large swathes of forests being destroyed illegally. As a result, mud floods and landslides have become an annual affair, claiming property and lives while contaminating rivers with human waste, plastics, and dangerous levels of pesticides. The website contains stories built from the Cameron Highland community, including experts, politicians, journalists, Non-Governmental Organisations, farmers, flood victims, and illegal workers. Many of these stories have not been brought to the public’s attention in a comprehensive manner. Through bringing them to light, we will better understand how unsustainable farming present social and environmental threats to ecosystems and food chains. The Disappearing Hills gives these issues a human face.

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