Here are some commonly asked questions pertaining to the use and installation of EndNote programme:

1.    What is EndNote ?

2.    What do I need to be aware of before installing EndNote ?

3.    What is EndNote-Web and how do I register/sign-up for EndNote-Web ?

4.    How do I UNINSTALL EndNote for Windows ?

5.    Can NIE users download EndNote ?

6.    What is the product/license key for EndNote? I can only install the 30-day trial version of EndNote.

7.    I have problems using EndNote. Where can I get help ?  

8.    What do I do when my EndNote hangs during installation ? 

9.    I can’t do NTU library catalogue search in EndNote anymore.


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What is EndNote ?   <top>

EndNote is a reference management software , used to manage bibliographies and references when writing reports and articles. .

EndNote is used to:

a.  Create a personalised bibliographic database by exporting or importing references from electronic databases or Library Catalogues.

b.  Cite sources while writing your papers and instantly generate and format your citations with your choice of citation styles.

c.  Create a bibliography or a list of references for your paper, thesis or final year project.

Click here for more information on EndNote



What do I need to do before installing EndNote ?   <top>

It is recommended that you UNINSTALL  any earlier versions of EndNote you may have installed, restart your PC/Notebook before installing the new version.

Click here to download EndNote.

3. What is EndNote-Web and how do I register/sign-up for EndNote-Web ? <top>
EndNote has both Desktop and Web(online) versions. EndNote-Web has  some useful features such as synchronising & sharing references. The combination of EndNote-Desktop and EndNote-Web provides a suite of useful features. EndNote-desktop would be the first choice while initating the use of EndNote reference manager.
EndNote –Web
You can sign up for your EndNote-Web account from Web of science database page . For additional information on EndNote-Web account registration read here.

How do I UNINSTALL EndNote for Windows ?   <top> 

Step 1:  From the START menu, go to CONTROL PANEL.

Step 2:  Select “Add or Remove Programs”.

Step 3:  In the list of currently installed programmes, select EndNote. Click the “Remove” button.

Note: The uninstalling process will not delete your EndNote libraries or any new libraries you have created. However you are advised to make a copy or back up of your EndNote libraries, customised style files and customised import filters.

Note that the steps to uninstall programs may be different for the new versions of Windows.


Can NIE users download EndNote ?   <top>

Yes. The EndNote programme can be downloaded and used by staff and students of NIE.

When downloading EndNote, NIE users should use the NIE campus network ID and password to login. Example of the format to login is as follows:


 Password : ********


NIE users may contact NIE Library for assistance on EndNote. Tel: 6790 3631 or 6790 3623


What is the product/license key for EndNote ? I can only install the 30-day trial version of EndNote.  <top>

Prompts for product key or installation of trial version happen when the zipped EndNote download folder is NOT unzipped before starting the installation process. Please refer to the instructions to download and install EndNote



I have problems using EndNote. Where can I get help?   <top>

The Help function in the EndNote programme is a useful resource for those seeking additional information which may not be listed here. You may also refer to this list of additional FAQs on E​ndNote.

For further assistance and help, please contact Instructional Services Division.


What do I do when my EndNote hangs during installation ?   <top>

If your installation hangs at the point of “installing export helper”, please refer to this FAQ.

For further assistance with regards to hanging during installation, please get in touch with Instructional Services Division. To help us assess the technical problem, please state the following in your email to us:

a) Problem(s) encountered
b) Error message(s) with screen shots
c) Contact number

Please send your email to:


I can’t do NTU library catalogue search in EndNote anymore.  <top>

If you have been using the Online Search feature in EndNote to search for NTU Library Catalogue records in the past, you will need to replace the old Connection File in your PC with the new one before you can continue to use this feature. This is due to the upgrade to our library catalogue.

Get new NTU Library Co​nnection File.

Windows users, download the file to the connections folder

 C:\Users\(your login)\Documents\EndNote\Connections

(Save the NTU connection file in any folder location where you have full read-write access. Restart EndNote and go to the EndNote Preferences to changethe Folder Locations option to where the connection file is saved.)

This will replace the old Nanyang Tech U.enz connection file in the Connections folder in your PC.

Note: The Folder Locations preferences panel is where you set the personal folder locations for new or modified styles, import filters, and connection files.To access these settings, go to the Edit menu, select Preferences, and then click Folder Locations in the list of preferences. Make changes to folder location based on the location of the connection file.

C:\Program Files\EndNote X7 \Styles
C:\Program Files\EndNote X7 \Filters
C:\Program Files\EndNote X7 \Connections

For Mac users, download the file to Applications: EndNote: Connections

If you need further assistance, contact Instructional Services Division:
Phone: 6316 2911