Lee Jun Hong Melvin

Class of 2015

Final Year Project(s)

Paper Fantasy at NTU ADM Portfolio

This work characterises the relationship of a living descendant and his dead ancestor by examining Chinese paper offerings as a bridging platform. It showcases 2 “realm” – a constructed imagination and the physical reality.

Although these paper offerings are merely physical elements such as paper and wooden sticks, in the mind of the living descendant, these items will be transformed into any objects after they are burnt.

Is burning paper offerings a filial piety duty, or is it merely an emotional and spiritual reassurance for the descendant?

Chinese believe continued activities with the dead is an obligated filial piety duty. Here, the descendant is seen doing daily chores, laundry, cooking and entertaining the ancestor as a literal depiction.

Selected Coursework(s)

It’s the Singaporean Mandala at NTU ADM Portfolio

It’s the Singaporean Mandala (2015)


Juxtaposing more than 30 different locations in Singapore in a fantastic, metaphysical and surrealistic subject matter that encompass a kaleidoscopic, fractal and paisley patterns. Creating a visual representation of Singaporeans’ never ending pursuit towards materialism and consumerism. This is like a Singaporean ritual, and it draws similarity from the Buddhist Mandala which brings about the question whether Singaporeans understand that everything we once chased for is all but impermanent.

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