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Rachel Divya Danam

Class of 2015

Final Year Project(s)

Re-interpreting 'Multiracialism' at NTU ADM Portfolio

The notion of being multiracial itself acknowledges the disparity in races of a society. This statement is the base of the project 20 Years in Artefacts: Re-interpreting ‘multiracialism’ which speaks about how race is structured in Singapore. The project talks about the idea of multiracialism, including my own perspective on how it is structured. It examines those tensions between harmonious multiracial living and the aim of keeping the individual racial groups’ roots. It also looks beyond the surface of race in Singapore, digging deeper into complexities and the issues that arise out of simplified racial groupings. The project aims to open up new ways of looking at race in Singapore.

Selected Coursework(s)

Imagined Lairs at NTU ADM Portfolio

Imagined Lairs (2014)

Imagined Lairs takes a look at how man views unique plant life. The concept stems from an amalgamation of two key ideas during the 19th century – Charles Darwin’s study drawings of carnivorous plants and the interest in Gothic horror novels of the Victorian era. Supernatural being like vampires were popular characters during that time and the emergent drawings of carnivorous plants fuelled the imagination of writers. A famous example is a novel about a group of explorers who set out to find the fabled man-eating Ya-te-veo tree of Madagascar.

My banner represents the idea of an imagined space inhabited by these exaggerated monster-plant forms. Such spaces are imagined because they are formed in the minds of man at the time when there were looking into the bizarre to satisfy their desire for new stories.