Png Hui Min

Class of 2016

Final Year Project(s)

Plateau at NTU ADM Portfolio

We trace the moments of a twenty three year old boy, ADAM, one of three siblings, creating memories with his mother after she was diagnosed with late stage stomach cancer. Like any other person, Adam, the mother and the family finds it hard to concede the uprising situation. The fear of losing the mother has instantly magnified. And with that, the awareness of spending as much time as possible with his mother has become his priority, leaving him no time to grieve. Delivering a similar attitude as Adam, the mother spends no time thinking she is any different and what only makes her worry is her family. Death is insignificant to her; it will come naturally.

Life carries on as per normal, string along with minute changes; changes in habits, changes in attitude. And what tags along inevitably is the connection with emotions. Though clearly aware of the limited time, occasional let-off of temper and breakdown do not seem to hold back inside Adam and his mother. Amid creating the pleasure moments with each other and the family, negative feelings do not get to withdraw too; like how there is plus and minus sign, like how there is north and south, everything coexist. As the story unfolds further, the mother appears less frequently, indicating the nearing of her final passing.

The story ends in hope, acknowledging that there is presence of life after death, good and bad, ups and downs; these can mean nothing important, after all everyone still stays truthful to its own life. Nothing changes drastically, life is still stable and flat like how a plateau is.

The Recent Past at NTU ADM Portfolio

The Recent Past is about Woman, an imaginative artist, who is unaware of the impermanence of life due to her sheltered upbringing, whereby she is very much loved and cared for by her parents since young. It doesn’t occur to her that they too, would leave. After their departure, she is overcome by grief and loses all direction. Her fear of loss trapped her in her darkest state of mind. Only through the passage of time, she finally realizes that the flow of life does not always have to come to a halt.

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