Sharlene Lee

Class of 2016

Final Year Project(s)

Face Value at NTU ADM Portfolio

face value explores long distance relationships in order to curate experiences that may bring couples closer together while promoting cross cultural understanding.

Although technology bridges our communicative experiences, what we perceive as separation and presence is distorted. Hence, the aim of this project is to observe the limits of digital connections across different times, spaces and cultures and to fulfil the void that cannot be conveyed through digital media.

face value is expressed through a time-lapse film that ceaselessly reminds viewers of absence and persistent longing, while a care gift package manual derived and customised from the intricacies of a long distance relationship attempts to create sensorial experiences to overcome it.

Selected Coursework(s)

Aposematism at NTU ADM Portfolio

Aposematism (2014)

Aposematism describes anti-predator adaptations where warning signals (i.e conspicuous colours) is associated with the unprofitability of a prey to potential predators. Im response to Charles Darwin, was the first to suggest that the contrasting coloured bands of the hornet warned of its defensive sting, so could the bright colours of the caterpillar warned of its unpalatability.

Featured here are a few aposematic animals and flowers. Their forms are broken down into geometric shapes and lines. They are represented by contrasting colours and put together to form a kaleidoscopic form. Colours featured are chosen to emphasise the aesthetically pleasing blend with intricate details when viewed up close.

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