Vivien Tan Shi Hui

Class of 2016

Final Year Project(s)

As They Shift And Change at NTU ADM Portfolio

As they shift and change is an immersive multidisciplinary light installation that invites viewers to a disconcerting experience. Combining both traditional medium and multimedia, it rediscovers the sublime quality of light, and seeks to question reality.

Selected Coursework(s)

幽恩 at NTU ADM Portfolio

幽恩 (2016)

“All artists create from a place of no mind, from inner stillness.”

幽恩 is a process art where the artist is concerned with how the act of making the piece becomes the principal focus of the artwork. Having the touch of each burn with the joss stick, and the ability to compose spontaneously through the process allows the material to have a life of it’s own is inner stillness, is evident in the process of repeared momentum of mark-making, allowing the artist to enter into a meditative state. is piece aims to reach a state of mental realm that breaks free from the constant chatter of the mind.

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