Ou Baohong, Benny

Class of 2017

Final Year Project(s)

MOD.ROBE at NTU ADM Portfolio

Wardrobe clutter is a common problem that many faces, mainly due to the lack of organization tools for clothing and bad workflow of storing clothing. Clothes are often being hidden in corners of the wardrobe hence visibility of clothing is an important factor because “we don’t wear what we don’t see”. The types of clothing we wear reflects our lifestyle. The type of clothing a student have will differ from a working professional and a gym instructor. MOD.ROBE is a wardrobe system that helps to organize clothing in an intuitive manner and readjusting the workflow of clothing storage. MOD.ROBE allows users to organize clothing based on the lifestyle for ease of selection of clothing. By organizing clothing based on the lifestyle of the user, MOD.ROBE  greatly enhances the ease of selection of clothing in an intuitive manner.

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