Siu Yoon San June

Class of 2017

Final Year Project(s)

Capital Cleanse: Imagining a Post-capitalist world at NTU ADM Portfolio

Capitalism is, in essence, the system of accumulation and reproduction of capital itself. At the core of this system are crises and contradictions, which are manifested in the 2008 financial crisis. They say hindsight is 20/20, but do we really know better after this colossal crisis that destabilised the global economy, which repercussions are still felt in many parts of the world? Are we doomed to reproduce social structures and conditions under which such crises occur? Are there alternatives to the system at large?

This project aims to critically examine capitalism through the lens of inequality while debunking some of the most persistent myths of capitalism etched into our collective consciousness. It also seeks to imagine new possibilities for the future in a post-capitalist world by seeking solutions in the intersection of political economy, culture and technology.

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