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Alicia Ho

Class of 2017

Final Year Project(s)

A+Z at NTU ADM Portfolio


Ash and Zoe are two teenage girls trying to find their place in the world – the best of friends, though complete opposites. Ash is a neurotic perfectionist while Zoe’s a spunky free-spirit, but that doesn’t stop them from supporting each other through school, dysfunctional families and the pains that come with growing up. Before going their separate ways as they graduate from secondary school, the girls embark on one last night of wild teenage misadventures and many firsts that will cement their friendship for a lifetime.


Ash and Zoe are in their early-20s and at the crossroads of life – and their friendship. Ash is a jet-setting go-getter while Zoe’s making her way in the world, one band gig at a time. Through the years their friendship has aged less like wine and more like sour milk. News of their old school’s demolition brings the duo back together on a mission to break into their old school and dig up a precious time capsule before it’s destroyed.

Weaving between past and present, Ash and Zoe’s journey sets them back on the path of their friendship, but will also determine their future – with or without each other.

TWO'S A CROWD at NTU ADM Portfolio

Two’s A Crowd aims to address issues of social insecurity and self-expression. Singapore prides itself in being westernized city, yet our society still holds itself to traditional Asian concepts of group-oriented values and “face”. We are careful when expressing ourselves in daily situations – going against the majority means we risk ‘losing face’ and ‘losing popularity’.

Tracy is pretty, sweet and helpful towards all her friends; however, all this is just a façade, fabricated to gain social acceptance and popularity from her peers. One day, Tracy’s inner conscience appears as a manifestation of a lady in a crow mask, and starts getting in the way when Tracy finds herself in situations of moral conflict.

Through a simple, light-hearted approach of Tracy’s interactions with the Crow Woman and her experience in University, the film addresses fundamental questions: how far do we go or change ourselves to stay popular and accepted, and where do we place the line between social acceptance and self-acceptance?