Lee Yong Tan Alvin

Class of 2017

Final Year Project(s)

《寻。启 》From Routes to Roots at NTU ADM Portfolio

《寻。启 》 From Routes to Roots was inspired by a series of resurfaced mementos upon uncovering the ambiguous identity of my late paternal grandfather. As I embark on my first journey to Hainan Island in search of the hometown that my grandfather once called home, this project aims to explore the narrative relationships between my family histories and genealogical roots, as well as to document my cultural roots as a Hainanese through the notion of place attachment via artifacts. Through ethnographic research, the final deliverables will be presented in the form of an installation and publication. In addition, the artwork also seeks to stir its’ audience’s curiosity to go on a similar journey in finding out more about their roots and hopefully through the process – discover something new about themselves.

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