Sheryl Tan Weilin

Class of 2017

Final Year Project(s)

Ephemeral Snaps at NTU ADM Portfolio

In today’s digital age, the usage of smartphones has rapidly evolved into an obsession. This behavior has influenced the way photographs are captured. People once took photographs to capture a moment in time for permanence, today, smartphone technology enables users to take photos with so much ease that it contributes to a massive amount of data production. This obsession has also added to the practice of taking ephemeral photography – turning photos into fleeting imageries that are instant but survive for only seconds before they disappear and are forgotten. People are now constantly capturing and sharing snippets of their daily lives. Mobile applications such as Snapchat and Instagram Stories are current examples of the popular trend. The nature of ephemerality within both apps enables people to capture and forget instead of capturing to remember. Hence, photographs are no longer for archiving purposes alone but a way to communicate on an instantaneous and experiential basis of sharing information. This FYP project seeks to conduct a typological study on 25 individuals (Snapchat and Instagram users), for a period of 3 months, to better understand and analyze ephemeral photography’s behavioral trend in our society today.

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