Lui Wing Lam

Class of 2017

Final Year Project(s)

CITRA - Customer Initiated Tray Return Assistant at NTU ADM Portfolio

Tray Return is an ongoing problem that the Singapore government has been trying to tackle throughout the years but has achieved little success. When dirty dishes are not returned to the cleaning station after each meal, it will not only affect the hygiene of the food centre but also decrease workflow and customers’ satisfaction. In view of the growing trend of food industries turning to automated services to tackle the lack of manpower, I have designed CITRA; a Customer Initiated Tray Return Assistant that acts as a faster and more accessible tray return alternative for customers. CITRA is an automated tray return assistant that is equipped with a vertical conveyor belt and self-unloading system to hasten the process of tray return. Cleaners will be stationed at tray return stations rather than having to go around the food centre collecting trays and Halal and Non-Halal bowls can easily be distinguished by their respective color codes.

Additionally, CITRA serves not only as a Tray Return Assistant but also as a system that could advocate the habit of tray return especially in the younger generation, making it an ideal investment for the society in the long run.

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