Nai Iyn Huii

Class of 2017

Final Year Project(s)

Ownself Check Own Self at NTU ADM Portfolio

This project seeks to explore the Buddhist philosophical concept of Sunyata (a.k.a. emptiness) in the entity of the “self”. It serves to explain the impermanent, insubstantial and empty nature of the ‘self’ and how we should be aware of the way it affects our emotions and behaviors. Through a series of personal experimentations of the attempts to observe the self and understand the non-self, the artist attempts to display how she has practised Sunyata from a layman point of view and how she has observed the self in daily life. In saturating the self in our daily lives, she hopes to reveal the importance of understanding the value of the non-self.

The project is an alternative perspective to people whom have not heard of Sunyata, and a reminder to those who know of it, by specifically targetting the “self” as a recurringly perceived entity in .

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