Chew Jia Hui

Class of 2018

Final Year Project(s)

夜娱时间 CLUB 555 at NTU ADM Portfolio

Pretty ladies, pulsing lights, and electronic dance music set the stage for the world of a Thai disco in Singapore, where partying the night away is a full-time job for three of its inhabitants. As we are continuously faced with choices at various points in our lives, is there an absolute, right one to make? Will we ever be satisfied with those decisions? The film explores the lives of three people who work in the same nightclub, and we see the results of the decisions in their lives that they have made to this day as the night progresses.

Six Feet Above at NTU ADM Portfolio

Six Feet Above is a film that intends to explore the aftermath of a suicide, the role of virtual reality technology and how it might potentially change the way people grief. Sarah, a single mother just lost her daughter to suicide. Overwhelmed by her need to reconcile with it, she sets out to reconnect with her late daughter via virtual reality; She slowly becomes addicted to the experience and increasingly find her relationship with her other living child worsening in reality.

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