Cliff Choy Wai Chuang

Class of 2018

Final Year Project(s)

Acid, 连呕 at NTU ADM Portfolio

At a barbeque street hawker joint, a young adult couple finds themselves in a scenario all too familiar for them. Minn, a twenty-something, struggles to hide her body dysmorphia, a secret her boyfriend already knows.

Six Feet Above at NTU ADM Portfolio

Six Feet Above is a film that intends to explore the aftermath of a suicide, the role of virtual reality technology and how it might potentially change the way people grief. Sarah, a single mother just lost her daughter to suicide. Overwhelmed by her need to reconcile with it, she sets out to reconnect with her late daughter via virtual reality; She slowly becomes addicted to the experience and increasingly find her relationship with her other living child worsening in reality.

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