Zhang Xuedi

Class of 2018

Final Year Project(s)

The Creative Process of an Artist at NTU ADM Portfolio

In my pursuit of visually representing my personal experience of the world through an artistic creative process, I mentally sort through my ideas through scientific methods of logical reasoning. The scientist and artist have a similar quest in acquiring knowledge and insights about the objective world we live in, and they both work with perseverance and creative intensity.

Our understanding of the world is build through an elaborate system of sensation and perception. Our perceived reality is constructed with the help of our senses, without which there is no interpretation, no meaning.

In this project, I hypothesise that Space, Time and Colour are the three most basic elements that make up the Universe. These intangible elements have physical properties that differ from our perception of them. Through studying these properties theoretically and turning them into sensuous visuals through a series of “experiments”, I hope to create room for the viewers to contemplate about their own experiences with the objective world.

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