Koh Kay See, Gracie

Class of 2019

Final Year Project(s)

Progress at NTU ADM Portfolio

Progress is a short film set in an unnamed dystopian, totalitarian state of the near future, and follows a momentous day in the lives of Sergeant Major Lam, who is on a mission to take down a rebel building, and his daughter, Erika, who, as he shockingly discovers, fights for the rebels. In my role as the overall art director I was responsible for the design elements and visual communications of the entire project. My work encompassed the visual design of the fictional world of the film, including set design and construction, locations, decoration, props and costume, and also extended into all the marketing and publicity collaterals. This project required developing a coherent visual identity for the film as a totality, working with both real-world and cinematic influences and references. At the end of the project, I aim to present my design work in a new and original interactive installation.

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