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Gary Chia Yew Hong

Class of 2019

Final Year Project(s)

When The Night Falls at NTU ADM Portfolio

When their family reaches its breaking point, 8 and 4 year old sisters Aster and Jasmine find themselves forced to protect each other from the harsh reality of their parents looming divorce.

4 year old Jasmine and 8 year old Aster share a close sisterly bond. When their father surprises them with his return home from yet another long business trip abroad, they find their joy short lived as their peaceful night ends with them falling asleep to the sound of their parent’s arguments. Awakening to find Dad gone and Mom packed for them to leave, the girls are initially unfazed by the all too familiar situation until they realize this departure would not be like the countless ones they had faced before.

Singapura at NTU ADM Portfolio

As 6 year old Ting and her family moves from their Kampung to a HDB apartment, Ting defies all odds to keep her pet chicken.

The story takes place in the 1980s, following Ting, a 6-year old girl living in a Kampung with her parents and a beloved pet chicken named Mao Mao. It is the family’s last day in the Kampung, they prepare to move to a newly built HDB flat. Realising that chickens are not allowed in the HDB flats, she sneaks Mao Mao along anyway.

At the new HDB apartment, Ting’s parents discover Mao Mao and threatens to cull the chicken, causing Ting to run away with Mao Mao. Cycling all the back to her Kampung home, Ting overcomes the challenges faced hoping to stay together with her chicken, only to be found by her parents.


A schoolboy reconnects with his close friend after her break-up, and his feelings for her rekindle. When rumours of the girl’s compromising photos start spreading around the school, the boy confronts the ex-boyfriend in an attempt to defend her honour — a decision which soon proves disastrous.