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Orion Dai Yuhui

Class of 2019

Final Year Project(s)

Solidarity versus solitude: social spaces on wheels at NTU ADM Portfolio

In today’s society, we have the liberty of choice. Individuals can order custom made shoes online with the click of a button, granting them the satisfaction of choice; the choice of having complete control over their behaviour and their environment. However, the same could not be said for transportation. Once on board, we became the captives being held in an environment which we have no control over. As a result, the journey is monotonous and frustrating at times.

By allowing commuters to have an element of control over their seat arrangement, aesthetics and the optional choice to interact with fellow commuters, the Omniseat alleviates these concerns, making the travelling experience a vibrant and fulfilling one. 

Social spaces on wheels at NTU ADM Portfolio

For this final year project, I want to focus on the human interaction with mobile spaces, and its integration with smart technologies. It is an investigation into the human behaviour on board mobile spaces, and how we can utilise these spaces in different ways. Each of us has a preferred way to travel, and this has resulted in varying types of transportations. However, this is not efficient as it will bring about issues such as physical problems such as congestions and psychological problems such as stress.

Through this FYP, I hope to reinvent the way people think about cars. With the revolutionary autonomous driving technology, as well as deep learning technology, I hope to create a new environment, a new space for people to travel, one that is adaptive to the people’s needs, allowing them to maximise the use of their time while travelling.