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About ADM Show 2018

A wave disturbs the status quo; it disrupts the surface – less like a ripple and more like a torrent. The anticipation of the next wave charging in, ready to break boundaries and venture into new grounds. That rush of adrenaline and excitement, knowing that there’s always something new appearing on the horizon, ready to hit the next coastline.

Bold. Audacious. Inspired. The 10th graduating batch from Nanyang Technological University’s School of Art, Design and Media represent the next generation of creatives: 164 movers and shakers you cannot ignore. These are the intrepid creators that stand at the ready - prepared to take chances, and to heed their calling.

This is not just any graduation show. It is four years worth of cumulative work, blood, sweat and tears that come together over the span of a week; a celebration of each students’ creative journey and the exciting waters that lie ahead for them to explore.

This is ADM Show 2018. This is The Next Wave.